The greatest Composer of all time

Mozart's music falls in the archetype of the Classical style. When he began composing, Style Galant was dominating the whole of Europe. A versatile talent of Mozart, lead him to compose in different genres, including opera, symphony, the solo concerto, chamber music, etc. He also wrote religious music, dances, serenades, divertimenti, and other forms of musical entertainment.

He advanced the technical and emotional form of these significant genres and popularized the Classical piano concerto. The most notable traits of Mozart's music are balance, clarity, transparency, delicacy, and inner power. These traits are well shown in his Piano Concerto No. 24 in C-minor, K, 491, the opera Don Giovanni and so on.

Mozart had a gift of noticing and adapting the excellent, valuable features from other's works. His travels, meeting with other composers and musicians helped him to gain a shared knowledge of the music around Europe. He was influenced by Bach and many composers from Mannheim, Viena, etc., and implemented the best features out of them.


Interesting Facts About Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer everyone knows and loves, a man who died in his early 30s, author of 600 musical pieces lived a turbulent, exciting, and interesting life, with many ups and downs. His works are studied, performed, and celebrated to this day, and his legacy is being renewed with each new performer, who tries to experience Mozart's greatness. He lived such a short life, but could to mark his name with golden letters. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life was filled with many interesting facts. We try to mention some of them. Mozart's full baptized name looks like this: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Johannes Chrysostmus is his saint's name, chosen after Mozart's birthday, January 27, was Saint John Chrysostom's feast day. Wolfgangus in German means running wolf, and was the name of Mozart's grandfather. Theophilus, in Greek it means loved by God. In German, it is Gottlieb, and Amadeus comes from Latin form. Mozart, at the age of 3, could pick out chords by ear; at the age of four, he could play short pieces, and from age five, he started composing. When he was six years old, his father Leopold took Mozart on the European tour. Young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was playing concerts in different cities, in different countries. Mozart wrote the first symphony when he was eight years old, in 1764. While visiting London as a child, Mozart met Johann Christian Bach. Bach became one of the influences of a young composer. It is well-acknowledge that some of his symphonies a